A fully recycled channel known for its light weight, high strength and most environmentally friendly water drainage on the market.

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Envirochannel is the drainage system that is increasingly being chosen for high-quality projects at home and abroad. From supermarket parking lots to a local main street, from industrial areas to front courts for petrol stations, Envirochannel is the ideal solution for designers, contractors and customers. Surplus of recycled plastic? Our drainage is produced from this valuable waste and is CE marked (EU quality mark) and in accordance with the EN1433 D400. Clattering grilles belong to the past with our monolithic line drainage Envirochannel.

  • Strong and robust; stronger than concrete, tax class D400 kN
  • Lightweight; between 9-19 kg, installation with single lift
  • One existing whole; no more chattering grids
  • Cost allocation; on material costs, building depth and installation time
  • Accredited and certified; meets all requirements

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