Serie C - C 800
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Serie C - C 800

The innovation reinforced concrete channels with galvanised edge rails offer a new solution for all heavy duty applications. They are able to drain large amounts of water thanks to their large dimensions, and their excellent resistance makes them capable of sustaining the transit of heavy vehicles.

The are offered in conjunction with:
1) Forge-welded and hot-dip galvanised gratings
2) Embossed metal sheet plates reinforced with grid
3) reinforced concrete cover

the gratings and plates can be easily locked using the stainless steel bolts provided, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Product specification:

Reinforced concrete channel with galvanised edge rails complying with the UNI EN 1433 standard.
The channels are sold exclusively in complete pallets and together with the gratings.

Channel dimensions:

  • with galvanised edge rails: height: 801mm, width: 800mm, depth 625mm
  • without edge rails: height:770mm, width: 800mm, depth 615mm
  • run-off channel: height:715mm, width: 800mm, depth 620mm

Available gratings:

  • Pressure-locked grating, 25x66 mesh, galvanised, load class D400
  • Embossed sheet metal plate Th.5 reinforced with grid, galvanised, load class D400
  • Reinforced concrete over load class B12



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