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About IDS Group

On 29 March 2016, IDS Group was founded by Mark Visschers and Erik van Garsel. From its inception, IDS Group has been concerned with the goal of helping Europe achieve the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive.

The Framework was set up to ensure that the water quality of European waters complies with certain requirements. The demand for knowledge, products and advice regarding the goal of this framework, namely the realization of clean European waters, increased. This is how IDS came into being.

IDS Group specializes in supplying drainage systems and also being ready to advise and support our customers on drainage issues during projects. We measure, calculate and draw in order to achieve the best, sustainable result together with the customer.

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IDS Group is a full-service advisor and distributor for drainage system solutions.

This means that we have many different disciplines and specialisms within one organization: technical department, back-office department, marketing and sales.

The team works closely together to complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. The key here is standardization, training and streamlined communication. The result is that quality and service are optimally delivered in the most efficient way.

Customers who work with us experience carefreeness. The feeling of "knowing everything will turn out fine..."

With IDS, you get collaboration with a team of dedicated employees. We understand your daily challenges, know the products, and do everything we can to make your project successful.

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IDS Group

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Erik van Garsel
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Local and European legislation

The European Water Framework Directive has been elaborated into the Water Framework Directive in the Netherlands.

At local, national and European level there is increasing attention for measures to promote clean surface water. IDS products comply with all local and European legislation and contribute to the desired quantity and quality of surface water.