A clean soil and efficiently maintained infiltration facility for Port Genk
Port of Genk

Port of Genk

Advantages over regular infiltration systems

An infiltration box is used to store and infiltrate rainwater. Infiltration boxes form an underground storage area for rainwater. From these crates, the stored rainwater sinks into the soil in a delayed manner.

Advantages of this system are:

  • Rainwater is gradually returned to the ground.
  • Convenient storage option 320m3 boxes per cargo load;
  • Environmentally and personnel friendly through lightweight and recycled or recyclable materials.


IDS Group advises in the preliminary phase of the project and supports in the area of installing the infiltration boxes before and during the project. IDS makes use of the knowledge and experience of IDS's technical department, the engineering firm and the customer. Only together will we achieve the best possible result!

attributes OF THIS PROJECT

In this project 360m3 infiltration boxes were installed with the aim of disconnecting and filtering the harbor location. Also create more capacity or overloading during heavy rains.

The customer would like to be able to see if the system needs cleaning. This system is easy to inspect and therefore very interesting for this project.

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