Line Drainage

Serie R - R210 with cast iron grills

The new generation of GRIDIRON VIBRO-BASE SERIES vibro-compressed channels is the result of a careful, precise design. It introduces innovation and perfection to the water channelling sector at a reduced cost, being in the low-end of the range.

Vibro-compressed concrete is obtained from a mixture of certified riverbed inert materials and Grade 425 concrete, combined with vibration and compression processing methods that make VIBRO-BASE SERIE channels highly resistant to compression (RcK>45N/mm2), frost and thaw cycles, climate-induced erosion and mechanical stress.
The GJS500-7 ductile iron grating, housed directly on the channel edges, are fastened with stainless steel screws to uniformly distribute the stress generated by the passage of vehicles, while guaranteeing stability and silence.

The classification and control procedures comply with the European UNI EN 1433 standard.

Product specifications:

Vibro-compressed concrete channel with galvanised protective edge rails.
The channels are sold exclusively in complete pallets and together with the gratings.

Channel dimensions height:
  • 212 mm
  • 130 mm
  • 300 mm
Available gratings:
  • Pressure-locked grating, 33x33 mesh, galvanised, load class C250
  • Pressure-locked grating, 33x11 heel guard mesh, galvanised, load class C250
  • Embossed metal sheet plate Th. 3 galvanised, load class D400
  • Ductile iron grating, load class D400
  • Ductile iron grating, load class E600



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